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Díkigo is an Argentine startup that uses a network of lawyers and specialized managers to solve procedures, in a simple and online way, that range from legal, personal, accounting, notary, automotive, and even to immigration.

This project was born approximately in 2019, Ahead of its time, and before the COVID19 pandemic changed the situation for private and public procedures in person.


In a context where procedures are undergoing a transition toward digitization, Díkigo also faced the problem of transmitting confidence in a completely new system in the Argentine market, where until 2020 most procedures were still analog and face-to-face. We knew that we had to work on all the axes and dimensions of the platform, to ensure both its usability and closer communication with its user, as well as the search for practicality and clarity in communication. Visual language and tone of voice are essential in this project, as well as the intention of creating a highly consistent graphic system.


The process began with the development of Naming, which provides Díkigo with a brief brand name, with good diction, which can be universalized as it is an abstraction based on the mixture of terms in Greek and terminal features of the English language since it was an essential requirement for its future implementation within the Latin American market, including Brazil. Then we created a brand designed for the digital world, but without forgetting that the part of the experience continues to take place in the physical world.

A brand identity where its system of pictograms and system of illustrations are central in the communication of the product and of the brand itself. It must convey the simplicity of use and create the confidence that the user needs to adopt Díkigo as the new way of doing things.

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Digital product

Díkigo's digital experience is the most important of the brand, which is why it is inhabited by simple language, iconography, and illustrations that humanize each step of using this website, which was designed to be perceived as an application.

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