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Changing the music industry

“We want to see a highly competitive industry where brands fight to improve their quality, and talented artists can quickly emerge”.

Founded in 2014, Zil Holding is the key partner for every emerging media company. They own, operate, and represent many of your favorite music channels, artists, playlists, releases, and labels. Zil arrives to bring a new standard in artist management and music distribution. Working with both large platforms and new artists, Zil needed a brand identity capable of communicating naturally with both audiences.


ZIL represents above all values and a different perspective on the music business. The focus on the Growth of its Partners, and the characteristics of its audiences, made necessary an identity that reflected that spirit, with power and versatility, in a package where music, fashion, and technology intertwine.

Brand Identity, Key visuals


The brand identity embraces both a "modern corporate" language and a fashion-commercial one. To capture this versatility we resort to the use of both black and white, as well as the irruption of colors and highly expressive gradients. Geometric shapes predominate, where the logo is at a midpoint between typography and geometric abstraction, in order to give this brand element more "iconicity".


Our goal was none other than to build a digital experience worthy of a world-class brand. Content is king and in this case, we seek to provide each section and each content with different behavior and visual language, taking into account the key characteristics and needs of each ZIL business area.

mobile design, ux, ux/ui, responsive
illustration, brand identity

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