Converting B2B services into 100% Online experiences

Bravae started as an idea long before the COVID19 pandemic transformed remote work and service virtualization into a massive reality.

As the axis of its innovation, this company based in Barcelona (Spain), proposes a 100% online management of its products and services, creating 3D experiences and virtual reality for large companies in sectors such as architecture, products, bio sanitary, engineering, marketing and creativity… and all the experiences that can be imagined, for private, public, cultural entities, etc.

Digital product

We formed a team together with the company carrying out several processes of ideation, research, wireframing, prototyping, and development that resulted in a product that is prepared to "communicate and explain" new types of service that must be presented in a clear and effective manner.

Both the website and the online quoter are part of an immersive experience that addresses the complexity that these quote processes in B2B services usually have.

We designed and developed a digital product with a solid graphic system (UX/UI) and strong features of gamification.


“Bravae had to project the trajectory and stature of the company, which its key members bring to this new brand. Accustomed to providing world-class service to large corporations, the Bravae brand had to communicate at the level of the best players in the market”.


Bravae's corporate identity communicates the coexistence between technology and innovation in a balanced way, with the human and close dimension. These traits are printed in it's logo, with a typography of softened geometry, with gestures that make it unique, and a symbol in which we seek to represent the passage from the two-dimensional plane to the three-dimensional volume.

Illustration & Icon set

Both the UI Kit and the visual identity needed a specific and original iconography system to communicate sectors, deliverables, and special characteristics of the Bravae service and products.

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