The future of manufacture

Sólidos is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of prototypes and large series of products for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large companies.

Pioneers in Argentina in the field of 3D printing, provide not only their printing service - with one of the largest printing farms in Argentina - but their greatest contribution lies in their technical knowledge and experience with production companies.


As usually happens to us, the client comes to us looking for a design or redesign of identity, a site, or a product... But we were soon able to detect that the biggest problem to solve was the communication of value, a very common problem. the problem in professionals focused on production.

This made us start this project from a strategic joint work with the company, to rethink the level of value proposition and the way of ordering and presenting the products and services it offers.


This brand identity is a reflection of the personality of its owners, it mixes technical and playful aspects, curiosity, and a positive outlook to always find a solution to the needs of its customers. This identity is modern, fresh, playful, and technical at the same time.

Digital Product

The Sólidos site is the result of working together with the client, developing textual content and imagery, and defining the segmentation and presentation of its products and services. Sólidos' identity was applied consistently both on its site and in the posting system and social networks designed for the brand.

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