The future of manufacture

Sólidos is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of prototypes and large series of products for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large companies.

Pioneers in Argentina in the field of 3D printing, provide not only their printing service - with one of the largest printing farms in Argentina - but their greatest contribution lies in their technical knowledge and experience with production companies.


Many clients approach us with a specific need, which may be the design or redesign of a website, a product, or a brand identity. Still, this need is often just a symptom, not the root of the problem.

After our first talks with the company, we discovered that the problem to be solved lay firmly in the definition and communication of the Value that Solidos delivered to its customers through its products and services.

We implemented various exercises and methodological tools to define Solidos' Value Proposal and order and redefine the service offer that would be communicated. Once this process was done, the client was ready to think strategically about their brand.

The exploration of brand profiles and detection of different behaviors of similar companies helped us define the ideal mix for Solidos' personality and how it would communicate with its public and consumers.


The identity created for Sólidos® aims not only to represent the imprint of its founders, curious people with a positive attitude to find the solution to the needs of their clients, but also to create a graphic identity system that helps us to count the service areas they offer clearly.

This identity contains technical and playful features that coexist harmoniously, creating a modern and fresh image without losing the rigor that Sólidos® puts into all its projects.

Digital Product

The Sólidos® website results from joint work with the client, for which we collaborated in developing textual content and the definition of its imagery, laying the foundations of its photographic style. The Storytelling in this website aims to communicate Sólidos® services' value to the industry and end users while transmitting their team's freshness, warmth, and professionalism.

Social Brand Identity

Finally, we meticulously craft the tone of voice and refine the graphic style to ensure that our communications on social networks harmoniously align with the well-established parameters of our strategy and identity.

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